Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sewing Saturday

For the past couple of weeks Nathan has been on swing shift which means he goes to work around 1pm and gets back home around 1am. It's pretty rough because we don't really get a chance to hang out or talk. Saturday and Sunday mornings are our two chances to catch up during the week and I love them. This morning I was supposed to go to an amazing self defense class with the USS Nevada ladies, but after a week of stress at work and Butters destroying our house, I couldn't bear to miss out on my morning with Nathan. So, I skipped out on the class(hopefully I won't get attacked any time soon), and spent some quality time with my man. I woke up a lot earlier than him, but when he finally woke up we had a nice morning, used our deep fryer for the second time this week(this will not become a trend), and then said our good byes as he left for work. It was a beautiful day out, but still a bit chilly so rather than work on my yard, I decided to do a bunch of sewing. I've been working on some big projects and then some little ones, but I really wanted to make a couple of things for me that I could get done in a day. So, today, I made a shirt and a clothespin apron from start to finish. It was super fun to complete two things today and I can't wait to wear my shirt to school Monday and use my clothespin apron in a couple months when it's warm and dry enough to hang our laundry outside.
Happy Saturday!

The Tunic

Clothespin apron

One of Butters' mild shenanigans