Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings!!!!!!!

As hopefully all of you know, last night was the night we all lose an hour of sleep for daylight savings time. In the long run this is wonderful because the days last longer and everything seems a little bit better, but this morning I'm a little crabby about it. Unlike most cell phones, mine is not at all consistent as to when it will automatically change times with time zones, daylight savings etc., so Nathan pre set his alarm an hour ahead so it wouldn't matter. We went to bed way later than we should have already and when the alarm went of this morning it felt way too early, but I got up, got ready for church and went to get Nathan up, but he decided to sleep longer to prepare for his swing shift to midnight shift transition tomorrow. Still tired and running "late", I grabbed a breakfast bar, ran downstairs, hopped in the car, only to find that rather than reading an hour before I thought it was, my clock read two hours before it was supposed to. So, rather than be an hour early for church, I turned off the car, walked into the bedroom and a little bit crabbily informed Nathan of his mistake of setting the clock two hours behind(making just me get up an hour earlier than I needed to), to which he replied, "Huh, that's weird," and fell right back to sleep. Sometimes I'd go crazy if he wasn't so darn cute!

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James and Lauren said...

that really sucks... today was rough for us too if it makes you feel better... :)