Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The first few days

Having Butters as an addition to our family has been nothing but fun. He is the sweetest little guy anyone could ever meet! He's energetic, cuddly, playful and even brave. Ulee hasn't completely warmed up to Butters and little guy has been barked at and snapped at several times. Butters, however, remains unfazed by any of Ulee's grumpiness and continues to follow him everywhere and try and get him to play. As with any baby thing, the lack of sleep is a little challenging but he's so sweet I don't even care that I have to get up with him every two to three hours. On a side note, he is doing incredibly well as far as housebreaking! He still cries a little at night, but barely any and he goes straight out to the grass when he has to get it done. I'm so proud of that little guy and so happy Nathan and I now have him in our family. I know he's always going to be a great companion!

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Patty said...

Oh my! The pic of the two of them on the floor in the same position is soooo adorable!! xo