Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our second anniversary! It's wonderful to think that we've been married for two whole years. In some ways our wedding seems like yesterday, but when I think back on everything that has happened in the past two years it seems crazy that it's only been two years. I'm just so thankful that we're still happy and our love is still strong. Sorry to gush a little bit, but I love Nathan so much and every day he surprises me with how amazingly sweet, smart and handsome he is. I'm also so thankful that he's willing to put up with me no matter how many Amanda meltdowns I might have and no matter what trials we might face. After two years of marriage I'm looking forward to many happy anniversary's to come. I love you Sweetheart!
For our anniversary we went to Disneyland yesterday and will be going two more days next week and then tonight we went to a fun and more importantly, a delicious restaurant called the Orange County Mining Co. While fancy restaurants with dress codes and dance floors are fun, we're definitely more into the laid back with great food scene which is exactly what this was. Now we're back at the hotel and are going to relax for a while and maybe hit the hot tub later, who knows? Anyway, here are some pics of our anniversary dinner tonight, Disneyland yesterday, and a picture of my two favorite guys.

My three sister in laws and a super scared nephew on big thunder mountain

The whole Voelker clan

It's hard to tell from the picture the extent of my soaking, but this is us after a head to toe drenching from splash mountain

Ulee and Nathan


Brook said...

Happy Anniversary! He surprises you every day with how handsome he is? That's a nice surprise. :)

Congrats guys! We wish we could see you more since I think we've seen you like twice since you've gotten married. Oh well, we still love you! Have a great one.

Dani W said...

Congrats!!! That is so fun! Glad to know you are having fun out there and enjoying life! :) take care!

Tracie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Ain't love grand?! :) Miss you - glad to be able to keep up through nifty web spyware.

SAM said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like Disneyland was a fun, fun time. Can't wait to see you in a few days. Ulee misses Nathan!

Felicia said...

Happy Anniversary! It seems like NO TIME AT ALL since when I first pointed out to our core group that you were engaged and wore a ring and they hadn't even noticed and didn't believe me, hilarious.