Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainbows, Reading, Relocation and Rest

Yesterday was a good day. There were no significant events or accomplishments, just a nice day. Much of the day was partly consumed by my culinary delicacy of rainbow Jell-O. While it's definitely a little gross and more of a dessert for kids than Nathan and me, I craved it none the less and labored to create 12 perfect layers of Jell-O. During this time of Rainbow making, I picked up a book that I've read before and have wanted to read again, "The Poisonwood Bible". Sitting in my favorite corner of the couch I read for several hours, feeling any stresses of my life melt away as I escaped into the characters lives. After reading, I focused on relocating, my straight pins, that is. I never understood people who spent time making their own pin cushions. I couldn't see how it would ever be worth it to spend the time on something so incidental. My feelings have changed, as of late, due to my growing tired of pulling and poking pins from and into my generic tomato. Due to this change of heart, I made a flower pin cushion in order to give my pins a new home. At the end of the day when I was done with rainbows, reading and relocating, I laid down on the couch, stretched out and rested. It was a GREAT day!

My oh so flavorful rainbow jell-o

My favorite couch corner




SAM said...

Your pincushion is adorable----and your jello, definitely looks like a rainbow!!!!

James and Lauren said...

that is awesome jello!

Dani W said...

Oh amanda I love your new pin cushion! It is cute... much more personality than a tomato. By the way... I am very intrigued by your rainbow jello... it looks awesome but that many flavors scare me a little lol... I am sure it tastes wonderful though.

Jody and Jake Moore said...

Mame - I LOVE the pincushion and your blog! Can't believe I didn't know about this sooner! You rock!

Whitney Pollett said...

I can't imagine a more perfect day!
And that rainbow jell-o is astounding!! How do you make it?? I must know! Do you have to wait like 10 minutes for each layer to solidify before you add a new flavor/color??
I'm baffled!
Nice pin cushion too! Well done. :)